Exponentially Growing Demand for Freelancers with Cloud Computing and Security Skills

Organisations across multiple sectors and industries have digitally transformed during the pandemic. The on-demand availability of computer resources, system management, storage and computing power in Cloud computing have replaced the conventional process of direct active management by the user. There are large clouds that can operate with multiple functionalities distributed over various locations. In no time, cloud computing and cloud security skills will become rudimentary skillsets for an individual.

Business in Cloud or Lets simply put it as Business IT needs in hands with Cloud Computing!!

Engagement in Cloud Environment

Cloud computing is majorly used in areas like machine learning, data analytics, applications deployment, cloud security, cloud architecture and artificial intelligence. According to Google, there are more than 90% of IT leaders are enticed toward cloud environments. However, 80% of similar leaders are having trouble finding the right employee with the required skillset.

Amazon has a major part to play in the development of cloud computing. They have manifested the cloud technology by introducing Amazon Web Services a couple of years ago. Amazon claims to help 29 million people globally through Amazon Web Services. There are numerous Cloud Computing training and certifications that are made available to individuals by Google and AWS. They have built around 500 free courses with interactive lab sessions and long virtual sessions for freelancers.

Lead your IT needs with Cloud – ITs time to be a Leader in Cloud!

Top Cloud Computing Careers for Freelancers

1. Cloud Security Analyst

The responsibility of ensuring the security and integrity of cloud infrastructure is the main job of a cloud security analyst.

The freelancers can pick up the specific skill by working on various cloud computing-related projects such as security assessment of cloud infrastructure, preventing data breaches, eliminating security gaps in the cloud server and more.

2. Cloud Network Engineer

The engineer of a cloud network is responsible to fulfil the fundamental requirements of building a cloud infrastructure.

The major skills required for the cloud network engineer are identifying the cloud infrastructure requirements, assessing the current cloud structure if any and tailoring the business needs for the cloud-based platforms.

3. Cloud Administrator

An administrator must monitor and assess the cloud infrastructure.

The skills required for this job are monitoring uptime, assessing the requirement for updates, pushing updates, developing, and enforcing security policies. Moreover, the individual should also know how to deploy security protocols and policies.

How to Get Trained in Cloud Computing?

Nowadays, picking up new skills is a mandatory part of surviving in the digitally transformed market. However, the resources available as compared to earlier times have also grown impressively. There are various courses, training, workshop, and assessments that are made available by Google and Amazon that an individual can access from any location in the world. Google Cloud Skills Boost is a program that allows freelancers to have a significant skill upgrade in Cloud Computing. Similarly, AWS also is continuously investing in the free training program for freelancers who are interested in acquiring Cloud Computing skills. The valuable skills achieved from the training workshops can be used to apply for relevant cloud computing jobs on freelance platforms.

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