Tech Pool of Freelancers for Network, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Automation and Security Engineering Infrastructure

Travel to your laptop and your work starts!

Technology is evolving exponentially in today’s world with more and more skills required to meet the extensive demand of various industries. Industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail and more, have automated processes and independent platform of operation. The major benefit of having the process automated is sustainability and greater control over risks. The online environment also brings great opportunities for freelancers that are interested in working with a target-oriented platform

How does it Work?

The platform works uniquely for clients/businesses and freelancers. The client or business portal mainly allows to Post, Hire, Manage and Pay for the Jobs posted. While, freelancers can Apply, Meet, Work and Get Paid for the Jobs they apply for.

Businesses can Post a job on the platform by filling the required fields. A detailed job description with required roles and responsibilities can be mentioned in the Job Post. Furthermore, they can select the applicants who applied to the Job Post and Hire them respectively. The clients can also Manage, Collaborate and Share their workflow remotely with the freelancer in a secure and reliable manner. Finally, the businesses can Pay for the service of the freelancer when they are satisfied with the results.

Engineers and freelancers can view various job requirements posted from anywhere in the world. They can initiate the process of applying to one or multiple jobs based on their profile and jobs matching the same. If the clients want to meet the freelancer then they can use the Meet feature of the independent platform and get more clarity about the job. The agreed parties can continue the work and maintain a level of communication through the same platform. Finally, the freelancer can get paid in a timely manner by the business or client for delivering the service.

Technology Stack of the Freelance Platform

Network Engineering is one of the growing segments of Information Technology. It mainly covers areas like IT systems, optical networks, collaboration technologies, cabling, field engineer support, routing & switching, data centre and more.

DevOps mainly includes opportunities like managing Kubernetes, JIRA, Docker, AWS, AZURE, YAML, Databases, GIT, GITHUB, BITBUCKET and more.

Security-related jobs are posted on the platform in fields like Cloud, Network, Cybersecurity, Penetration testing, Firewall technology and more.

Automation Engineering is one of the demanding jobs that include machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, python, sensor technology and more.

Benefits of Freelance Platform

There are various benefits of building a reliable and secure platform such as post jobs for free, scouting talent, access to a tech pool, flexibility to work remotely and a secure medium to hire.

Businesses or clients can post the job for free from anywhere in the world.

The freelance platform will allow the business to scout the best talent for the job. Access to such a secure medium can benefit scouts and invite the talent for a specific job.

The secure medium can ensure the transactions are carried out on the freelance platform. Moreover, it also builds trust between a business and a freelancer.

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